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What The Hand Book Review

What the Hand: A Novel About the End of the World and Beyond

By Todd Stockwell

George Somerset is the unhappiest man in paradise. The horrors of the Tribulation are over. Finally reunited with his raptured daughter, he has been handed the keys to the magnificent splendor of God’s kingdom. Yet, George prefers to sulk, denying his own salvation and rehashing his past failings until he pushes himself, literally, into the depths of hell.

This is the story of George’s past and present, of his sins and quest for redemption—a journey of self discovery through God’s creation, from the mind of a troubled soul searching for answers: Why am I here? Where did I come from? How old is the universe? How was it created? Who or what are the Illuminati? What about demons, ghosts, and aliens? What is the nature of God? Why is there a hell? Why does Satan even exist? How did I end up in paradise instead of the pit? 

This would be the ultimate journey for most, a virtuous and wondrous trip through space and time to answer the big questions and experience the glory of heaven and Earth. But through the eyes of the often irreverent and confused George Somerset, it is a sad, horrific, and satirical misadventure, a black comedy for Christians and nonbelievers alike.


 This is the story of a man named George Somerset, who outlines his life before and after the rapture. His story starts off in the present, with him in heaven. He then gives an accounting of events that happened in his life, and eventually makes full circle to present-day heaven.

I could relate to a tremendous amount of his feelings throughout the story. I don’t think I have led a very bad life, but I know I would feel the shame of everything being exposed. So I really related to that. This was written in a way that I could truly see it going down like it read. The humorous aspect kept the story upbeat. Things like the Roswell incident being caused by a bull on-board, the building of the tower of Babel as being a star gate, and even aliens being jokers with a mean streak kept me interested in what he would say next. Of course there were many Bible references that helped to complete the story. I really liked how the book ended too.

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About the Author

Todd Stockwell was born in Torrance, California. He lives and writes in Southern California. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and has worked as a cab driver, clerk, banker, accountant, therapist, business owner, and traveling salesman among other things. He is also a former English Teacher with an MA in Psychology and a passion for eschatology. He hosts a website where guests can take a pledge never to allow a mark or implant upon their person (mark of the beast) in order to buy goods or services ( 

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