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Endangered Species Book Review

Endangered Species

By Michael Altieri

Endangered Species by [Altieri, Michael]
Connecticut private investigator Brenda Corrino’s sixteen-year-old niece Madison has gone missing in Arizona. Known for bringing the DVD Murderer to justice during her stint as a Fairfield County homicide detective, her unacquainted sister Faith Brenna requests her help from Arizona.

Brenda recently went through a tough time herself, recovering from being raped and almost murdered by the DVD Murderer while working undercover. She broke ties with her boyfriend and wanted nothing to do with him, even though he helped to rescue her. She was labeled as having PTSD. After months of therapy, she has recovered to the point that she was able to resume her relationship with her boyfriend and now business partner, Dr. Darren Crowe.

Brenda arrives in Arizona and quickly befriends the local sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Logan Cartwright, who tells her about a similar case in a nearby town where another girl disappeared five years ago. The girl recently resurfaced unscathed and is unwilling to talk about where she has been for the past five years.

Faith and her husband have a few secrets of their own that Brenda must scrutinize to rule out possible suspects, including the two of them. She promises to not reveal Faith’s secret, as long as it does not get in the way of finding the people responsible for Madison’s disappearance. Brenda summons Darren to join her in Arizona to help find her niece.

Arizona is one of the states that has a large presence and reputation of human trafficking. Brenda becomes concerned that Madison may have become a victim. She realizes she is getting close to the truth when a Hummer purposely runs her car off an Arizona highway, causing her rental car to flip several times. She and Darren get banged-up, but survive. Brenda is now more determined than ever to find Madison and put an end to her sister’s fears.

Brenda and Darren attend a party with her sister to observe and investigate her friends under the pretense of participating in partner swapping activities. As the party winds down, Brenda’s unique investigative style has provided her with enough insight into who might be involved in Madison’s vanishing act. She informs Sheriff Cartwright of her gut feelings and together they devise a plan to uncover the truth.


Brenda Corrino is a former cop who started her own private investigation company. Her boyfriend Darren also works cases alongside her. The business is doing well, when out of the blue Brenda gets a call from her sister Faith in Arizona. She was unaware that she had a sister, so it was a shock. Faith needed Brenda’s help in finding her daughter Madison who was missing. When Brenda gets to Arizona, she starts investigating by questioning everything and everyone. Of course that doesn’t make her many friends, and finding out that Faith and husband Al were close friends with a group of swingers certainly puts her investigating skills to the test. 

It was enlightening seeing the way that investigations are done. I really liked Brenda’s character, as well as boyfriend Darren. I think the author was spot on in his teen characters, as far as their innocence and their rebellion. It was obvious that this wasn’t the first story involving Brenda Corrino, but I didn’t feel that I needed to read the first book. Nevertheless, it did intrigue me enough to go back and read it. I like the writing style of this author, and will continue reading this series. It made for an interesting and quick detective mystery read.

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