Sunday, July 23, 2017

Out of the Shadows Book Review

Out of the Shadows (Shadowlands Book 1)

By Ashlee Nicole Bye

 Out of the Shadows (Shadowlands Book 1) by [Bye, Ashlee Nicole]
From the streets of Melbourne to the bowels of Westminster, the delicate balance between life and death that is so painstakingly maintained by the reapers of The Order of Dark and Light is being tested by the return of an ancient threat. Tensions are rising within the hidden world of The Shadowlands and if this threat is not contained war will be inevitable. And the destruction of the human world is bound to follow in its wake.
Amidst this tension, eighteen year-old Sachi Manning is struggling to cope with the grief and guilt that has plagued her ever since her best friend was murdered six months earlier—that is, until she spots him seemingly alive and well and being held at scythe point by a hooded figure who looks more like a GQ model than the Grim Reaper.
Sachi shouldn’t be able to see through the glamours that shield Shadowlanders from the human world, so the reaper in question wants some answers. And so begins the craziest couple of weeks of Sachi’s life as she is drawn into a world of mysteries, magic, monsters, and mayhem, encountering dragons, faeries, soul-sucking demons, not-so-grim reapers, and even the Horseman of Death.
With a mix of heart, humour and hair-raising action, Out of the Shadows is the adventure of an afterlifetime, perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Paula Weston.


After her boyfriend Gabe is brutally murdered, Sachi starts having nightmares. For the next six months, she becomes a hermit, until her friend Olivia talks her into going out to a local club for a night out. While there, Sachi discovers Gabe, apparently alive, being held at knife point by Julian, who she later finds out is a hacker for the Order of Dark and Light. This Order is tasked with maintaining the balance between life and death. Julian can’t understand why Sachi can see through the glimmer that he surrounds himself with to keep him out of sight of humans. This leads him to take extreme measures to try to find out why Sachi is so different, but still human.

This story was fast paced and very interesting, which was good since it was extra long. I was totally engrossed and couldn’t put it down. I liked this cast of characters a lot. It was easy to understand why everyone was so secretive, with all that was going on. This was worth reading for the humor alone. I mean, who would have imagined Beelzebub as rad and Facebook friendly. And all the t-shirt maxims were hilarious. This is the first book that I have read by this author, but it won’t be the last. I like that this is a series and that these characters will continue on.

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