Thursday, March 10, 2016

Career Advice for Graduates Review


By Cori Arnold

Did you recently graduate or get a new job? Are you looking for advice that will advance your career and help reduce the likelihood of you getting laid off? This is the book for you. CAREER ADVICE for GRADUATES offers 62 specific tips and examples of what behaviors and mindset will get you to the next level. In addition, there are 6 interviews with professionals who have experienced a lot of success in their fields. They provide feedback on the most critical attributes that can propel your career. 

There are many books available that provide guidance on how to write a resume, how to interview, and how to find a job, but there are very few that provide the necessary skill set to thrive once you have secured your first professional position. The attributes included in the RACI Squared framework are the essential characteristics in which entry-level professionals must master in order to perform well. One key to understanding these attributes is recognizing how they affect perspective, both your perspective and the perspective of your colleagues. 

The RACI Squared framework is composed of the following attributes: 
Relationships, Attitude, Communication, Initiative 
Reliability, Accountability, Courage, Intelligence 

Transitioning from college classes to a company position requires some change in behavior and thinking. Approaching a new job like one of your classes may not be the best approach. Companies, today, are looking for well-rounded individuals that can adapt quickly to changing environments. 

Providing the ammunition to perform well in the professional world, this book reduces the likelihood of hitting a plateau early in your career. In addition, the climate of the economy shows that companies are either forcing headcount reductions or consolidating, thus eliminating roles. In both of these scenarios, even above-average employees are losing their jobs. 

The power of our mindset is shown through personal examples and interviews with those who have achieved a great deal professionally, confirming that perspective can be our greatest strength or our greatest weakness, depending on how we apply it. The common thread throughout the entire book is the recurring reference to perspective, identifying how each of these attributes impacts our perspective and how perspective is the key to professional growth and development.


This book is full of tips to help recent graduates to understand the actual world of employment, in addition to what a student learns while in school. This also can apply to seasoned workers. I know first-hand how hard and how long this transition can take. It’s true that nothing can beat actual experience, but I believe everyone, experienced and inexperienced alike, can gain from the advice within these pages.

Eight areas are covered to ensure you have success in your career. I already have to constantly work on my attitude in these areas. It makes perfect sense and I agree that if you achieve success with these attributes, you will become an asset to your employer and will gain higher status in your career. Additionally, I feel that it will also bring success and contentment to your personal life as well.

This read came to me at a perfect time, as I feel I have reached a plateau in my professional dealings. It helped me to see what I need to work on, and gave me the tools to grow my own career.

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