Sunday, March 13, 2016

Say hello to the new Radiant Color Kit at Madison Reed

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Madison Reed has re-engineered their Radiant Color Kit to make it more environmentally friendly! It's also strong and durable, so it arrives looking perfectly put together, and when you open the box, you're greeted with a pop of color.

Their brand new Radiant Color Kit box is now 35% smaller, which means less material is needed to make it and less energy to ship. It's 100% recyclable and has everything your readers need for a better coloring experience. 

Here is the interview with senior designer Jaquie Bacich-Parratt about how she achieved this gorgeous redesign.


Senior designer Jaquie Bacich-Parratt shares her secrets:

What did you want to achieve with this redesign?

We got feedback from clients that we could be more environmentally friendly with our packaging. It was already 100% recyclable, but we could make it a lot easier.

That helped us realize that we could create something that people would feel good about receiving and still gives them a great experience.

Part of who we are as a brand is to delight and get people excited. This box achieves that.

What was your design process?

First, we went through a bunch of different shapes and sizes until we decided which was best.

Then, I asked myself, “How can we make this delightful?”

That’s the design thinking behind it. We ended up with something beautifully simple on the outside. And when you open it, you get a pop of color! It becomes something else, sort of like when you color your hair.

What makes you happy about this final design?

It’s strong and durable, so it arrives looking great. When you go inside, everything is tucked neatly into place and there are little fun things that will delight you.

I always like to open something and discover little hidden surprises. It can be unexpected shapes or pops of color.

It gives me the feeling of those Russian nesting dolls. You keep digging in and finding more and more to get excited about. 

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