Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cricut's March Mystery Box


One Week Left For Cricut's March Mystery Box Madness!

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It's the last week to grab the third March Mystery Box and celebrate March Mystery Box Madness! Cuttlebug much? You may after you get your box — we think you'll be "impressed." The value of this month's 3rd mystery box is $164.86, but Cricut has lowered the price to an unbelievable $29.99

Purchase it for yourself or as a gift and solve the mystery of what's inside! 


  1. I'm not finding a place to order your March Mystery Box. If you can email me the information I will appreciate it. I receive your newsletter so you should have my information, in fact, I found this through your newsletter so I will reply to that too. Thank you

    1. Hi Tammie. Thanks for the inquiry. You are right, the link now takes you to a different page. I assume that it is because that week ended. I did just find it though by clicking the link, then putting in a search for mystery box. It brought up a link you can click to get to it. Sorry for all the runaround on it.