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Pretty Dolls and Hand Grenades Tour and Giveaway

New Release 4th March!

Thirty-something, Cecelia Laramie, strives for excellence like the other housewives in her quiet suburban neighborhood. Cece’s a bit eccentric with her elaborate doll collection and bouts of OCD, so when she finds out her well-to-do husband is misbehaving, she decides to nip it in the bud—with a baseball bat.

Getting revenge on her husband for his indiscretions becomes Cece’s newest obsession, but when another jilted housewife joins her cause, things go awry. Cece’s cutthroat accomplice pushes her to commit crimes throughout Manhattan, sabotaging her husband’s real estate business. When her counterpart introduces deadly weapons into the mix, Cece knows she's in over her head.

Cece’s a bundle of nerves; she’s a housewife, not a terrorist. Her new partner is nothing but trouble, but if the mysterious woman can help her reclaim her old life, Cece’s in. She just hopes their crazy antics don't land her a spot in prison first.

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A little excerpt from the book......

Panting now, I couldn’t help thinking about the eruption of clapping at Mitchell’s words as if he’d said nothing wrong. My mind retreated back to the crowd of dark suits and dresses rising in standing ovation, as I remained seated in a special state of confusion.

What? Who was he calling an amazing woman he could not live without? She did his dry cleaning? I did his dry cleaning and hand-pressed many-a-dress shirt. What was she doing touching his shirts?

I sensed an obvious discomfort at my banquet table. The wife next to me raised her eyebrows and gave me an open-mouthed, super-smile, which said, “Yes, that was inappropriate for him to say, and yes, we all noticed.”

All the color must’ve drained from my face as I remembered locking eyes with Mitchell amid the applause before he darted behind the big black curtain. She was only his assistant, right? Was I overreacting? Was he genuinely indebted to her or was he purposely trying to disrespect me? My ears were ringing now and my head was going to explode. I’d had migraines before, but this was the mother of all migraines. I shut my eyes and splashed a little water on my face, trying to quell the fire in my head. When I opened my eyes I saw a woman.

I wasn’t alone.


Cece lived the life of a high class socialite. With two kids, a well-to-do husband, and a dream home, from afar she had the perfect life. But in truth, she had inherited the OCD gene from her obsessed mother, and she drove her family crazy. When she discovers that her husband is having an affair, she feels she has lost control of her life, and begins a downward spiral of obsession fueled by revenge.

On one hand, I felt sorry for Cece. On the other hand, I felt she was too self-centered for me to pity her predicament. I can’t say too much without giving out spoilers, but this read will take you on a quirky adventure that you won’t see coming. The characters all are pretty shallow but you can’t help but cheer them on. I have to say that I did see the end coming, but it was still satisfying nonetheless. 


About the author

Cara Reinard is an author of women's fiction and domestic thrillers. While attending college, she was an editor for her student newspaper, and also sold advertising space for the publication. Even though she's always had a passion for writing, Cara found she had a knack for persuading people with the art of verbal prose, known as sales, which she's done now for over a decade. Cara currently lives in the Pittsburgh Area with her husband, two children, and fluffy Bernese Mountain dog. When she's not hustling or chasing tiny footsteps--she's writing.

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  1. I'm sure my hubbie has ocd, seems to be getting worse as he gets older, lol x

    1. I know I do. I think these days everyone has at least a little.

  2. Replies
    1. But then we wouldn't have this great story to read, right?